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We have a classic car renovation programme where the learners strip down the cars, repair any necessary parts, maintain and replace parts within the process of the restoration, ultimately bringing the cars back to their former glory. The learners also get the opportunity to attend local car shows, where they can learn a lot about all kinds of classic car. This is something the learners really enjoy. The learners have recently completed the restoration of a 1935 Austin Litchfield Saloon, which has been a long term project. In addition, they have completed the restoration of a Triumph Herald. Both of these projects will be shown at classic car shows in the future and are a tribute to the learners hard work and dedication. A trailer/transporter has recently been purchased to carry these vehicles and some learners have been involved in refurbishing and overhauling this.

The current project is a 1948 Velocette LE motorcycle which the learners are very enthusiastic about, particularly when we were able to start it up for the first time in over 2 years. We are awaiting the arrival of a new project, an MGB which will require extensive restoration before, joining our growing fleet of restored vehicles. Also waiting its turn is a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, another long term project. Some learners have designed and built circuit boards which will be used to build different circuits and enable a better understanding of electric circuits and fault finding techniques.