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Our Mission Statement

We offer support and encouragement in living, social and practical skills to enable people with learning and physical disabilities to enjoy independent lifestyles.

What We Do

ENABLE (SHEFFIELD) is a training organisation for people with disabilities. Our aim is to offer a quality care and training service to meet their individual needs and choices. Our training programmes are specially selected to suit our learners and are delivered in-house by qualified staff. Our learners come from all over Sheffield.

ENABLE (SHEFFIELD) first opened for business in 1994 with the intention to make a difference to the lives of people with disabilities in Sheffield. From the beginning we have always involved our learners in the decision making process, and this is we believe, the key to our success.

We have grown from a grass roots organisation, renting one room in a local school where our learners recycled toys, to become a recognised training provider for disabled adults. We have also been awarded Investors in People.

Awards and Recognition

The Investor In People Logo, a black laurel wreath, with the Investor in People wording to the right. The Sheffield City Council Recognised Provider logo, a Blue wax seal style logo featuring a Yellow and Green intertwined RP.




How we are managed

Board of Directors The governance of ENABLE (SHEFFIELD) is through a management group of up to a maximum of 10 people in accordance to our Constitution. The group meets quarterly to debate and decide financial and policy issues. The General Manager is invited to attend to give information of the current operational work.

Daily Management The General Manager is responsible for the day to day management of ENABLE (SHEFFIELD). He identifies our funding needs and makes appropriate applications. He ensures observance of the systems, policies and procedures and is responsible for reviewing them annually.