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Our Team!

As you can see below we have an extremely dedicated team of staff and not to mention some brilliant volunteers at Enable. We are all extremely pleased with what Enable is and does so please do not hesitate to give us a ring and come down and see it all first hand.

General Manager - Alan Finchett

Hi everyone I am Alan and I am the founder and general manager of Enable, and what a journey it has been. Whilst working voluntarily alongside people with disabilities asking them what they would like to do, meant that I found out they were asking for new, more exciting opportunities than were currently available to them. Initially we started out working from one classroom recycling toys. My role was to support the learners, pick them up in the morning to transport them to the site, take them home each evening, collecting used toys and bikes to recycle, as well as making tea and anything else that was required of me. As time went by after several funding applications and appeals Enable began to grow from a grass roots organisation into a recognised training provider, owning our own premises and giving lots of skills and opportunities to our disabled community enabling them to live tier life more independently. The journey to where we are now has been long and sometimes complicated to say the least. I have many stories about this journey, some good, some not so good, but all of it has been an incredible learning experience with many happy occasions along the way.

I have lots of people to thank for this journey, who enabled us to attain what we have. I myself am very proud of what we have achieved and no matter how bad things sometimes got, our learners have always made me smile.

My Background, I am one of seven brothers and sisters, I left school at the age of 15 and started working in the steel works. Again I could tell you several stories of good times and hard work and when I look back particularly at health and safety (or the lack of it), for example walking out into the roadway holding hot steel bars and having to watch for pedestrians and traffic, you will know what I mean when I say I have a lot to learn. It has been a very challenging journey, and I would like to add I am still learning but it has been worth every moment.

Trainee Manager - Mary Cobbin

Hi I am Mary. I started with Enable as a volunteer in 2009, as it was an industry that I was interested in. I had recently completed my degree in Psychology and Sociology, and was interested in gaining some experience with adults with learning disabilities in order to move my career forward. It was a post that I just loved and found incredibly rewarding and so when I was offered a full time job a year later I jumped at the chance and have never looked back. Before this I had a couple of jobs within the catering industry, including management roles, which made me realise that I loved meeting people from all walks of life.

I have worked in most areas of Enable (Sheffield) and really enjoy every day that I have been here. Each and every learner is different and can really brighten up your day in every way possible; I really mean it when i say no two days are the same.

Recently I have been training for a more managerial role within the charity, and it is an opportunity that I have grabbed with both hands and am looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead of me in this role.

Mechanic - David Grocock

Hi everyone, my name is David Grocock. I started as a volunteer at Enable in September 2013 (having previously taught mechanics at a training centre for the last 26 years), initially attending on a  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and for thew last 8 months I have been working Part time in the garage as a support worker to 7 Learners. From the 1st of April 2014, I have been employed full time in the garage and now provide support for 9 Learners, some of which attend in the garage for 2 days. My role is to manage the garage and maintain a safe and secure learning environment whilst providing interesting and challenging opportunities for  Learners to engage in the restoration and repair of motor vehicles.

My qualifications Include a City & guilds 383 Level 3 in Motor Vehicle Technology Maintenance and Repair, City & Guilds 383 Level 3 in Electronics and Microprocessors, National Craft Certificate, Certified Auto Engineer, A1 Assessor and V1 Verifier Qualifications also I.O.S.H Managing Safely Qualification.

ICT Tutor - Paul Turner

My name is Paul Turner and I work in our ICT Suite, better known to our learners as "computers"! In there I oversee all the work done on the computers by the learners and this year have joined forces with John Addenbrooke to deliver out credited college course, OCNYHR Entry Level Diploma in Using Employability Skills. Coming from a background in ICT, I have numerous ICT based qualifications both using computers including Level 3 CLAIT word processing/databases/spreadsheets and in the maintenance of them CompTIA A+ and N+. I have also gained the PTLLS teaching qualification and hope to further my teaching qualification in the future.

I joined Enable 8 years ago in 2006, and have over the years tried to get the learners using the computers to better their lives by trying to give them a few basic IT Skills. These skills range from Word to type things and learn their letters to using the internet to find information about the favourite things. Other projects that we have involved the learners in during this time in the computer room have included; using power point to make a presentation about all their favourite things, making animal masks as part of our animal topic and taking part in several games played on the interactive whiteboard, One of these being an adaptation of an Egyptian board game played with coloured sticks and counters.

Financial Controller - Nigel Mansell

Hello, My name is Nigel Mansell and I am the financial Controller here at Enable (Sheffield).

I wandered into Enable in May 2011 after a visit to the Doctors next door. At that point I had no idea what Enable was about. After a tour of the premises from Alan and a chat to Kath, I offered my services as a volunteer with a specific task of writing a new website. I learned the language and enable got their new website so there were winners all round. Previously I had been employed as a Commercial Quantity Surveyor for the past 35 years working on Housing projects. What happened next was an 'interview by stealth'. Alan listened to what I had done in previous jobs and decided he 'had other ideas for me'!. After 18 months volunteering the position of Financial Controller became vacant and Alan offered me the post which I accepted. The part-time roll suits me down to the ground and I love what I do and being part of the Enable (Sheffield) Team.

Crafts - Michelle

Hi everyone I am Michelle and I work in the craft area at Enable (Sheffield) but also help out in other work areas if I am needed. I just thought I'd tell you a little about myself.

I can sadly say I wasn't very academic in school; the only thing I was good at was art, I left school with low grades and low self-confidence. I stared college doing and Art and Design course and then went on to university to do Design Technology Innovation . I really didn't think id be able to do this course as it involved a lot of writing, but i thought i would give it a go anyway. During this time I had the test for Dyslexia, and this was a real turning point in my life. I received support with my coursework and a computer to help with my written work. I passed my course and applied fore a  job at Enable in the craft are. Six years later I am, still here helping learners create and develop Candles, Soap, cushions and lots more. I love being able to help and encourage the learners that come to Enable. I have a great understanding of how hard it can be for the learners to struggle with a learning difficulty because of my past, so I really like to encourage, support and create a friendly fun environment. I get great pleasure in seeing the learners create arty things. Its great to see the learners grow and develop new skills with confidence.

I've also had to undertake and complete a few teaching courses whilst at enable so I can give the learners more quality teaching to help run a fun and friendly learning environment. I'm always pleasantly surprised what some of our learners have achieved. I have great respect for every learner that comes here and its a great pleasure to be working with them all.

Gardener - Jon

My name is Jon, I Enable as a horticultural development worker in October 2014 and with the assistance of my apprentice Chris offer supported learning skills in numerous gardening activities to the learners.

In 1974 I began my career as an apprentice with the then called Sheffield Recreation department, working eventually to become parks supervisor of Mount Pleasant and then Whirlow park. In 1999 I began what was then to become the extremely successful Sheffield stewardship scheme offering young disadvantaged adults (16-18 years) help towards finding employment in various trades including gardening. The invaluable service unfortunately ceased in May 2014. 

I was delighted to be offered a job at Enable, as it combined my love of gardening and being able to help people. I really enjoy my job and am looking forward to the new experiences that lay before me.

Catering - Jean

Hi my name is Jean and I have worked at Enable for several years. Before I came to Enable I did various other jobs. I qualified as a hairdresser and worked in a salon for a few years. In this role I used to go to care homes where people with disabilities lived to do their hair. I also got several years’ experience working in kitchens as a cook, and also became an escort on the school buses, working with children with disabilities.

When I started at Enable I worked in the café bar, which was opened to the general public. When this closed down I went on to work in all the different areas at Enable. This taught me lots of different skills. I got to learn more about each individual learner and gave them support and help to live independent lives.

Just after Christmas 2013 I took on the role of training tutor in the kitchen area, as well as on a Friday afternoon turning my hand back to hair and nails. The ladies really enjoy this pampering afternoon. I really get a lot out of working for Enable and over the years each learner has given me much enjoyment, as well as being brilliant help and a pleasure to work with.

While I have been at Enable, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge. I have my health and Hygiene certificate, first aid, and moving and handling and also health and safety. I am currently undertaking my NVQ Level 2 in Customer service and I am always open to new challenges!

College Tutor - John Addenbrooke

I am John and I started at Enable (Sheffield) on Monday 7th November 2005 working int the garden and with the help of service users formed the "Green Thumb Gang". During the following years not only did the garden flourish but also everyone involved with it along with our relationships with colleges of further education, with students now working towards and deceiving 21st century recognised qualifications! During this period we entered the "Yorkshire in Bloom" competition two years running and on both occasions won the Silver Gilt Award for our category, a wonderful example and a true example of team work.

At the end of 2010 I moved out of the garden and took on-board running college courses, full time in the classroom. A variety of courses with a wide range of options, to meet individual needs have now been successfully completed that have not only covered personal development but also other areas such as computer awareness, health and fitness, environment, recycling, healthy eating and even accessing the countryside!

I now have over 40 year's experience in this arena of work, but i have never stopped learning or taking on new challenges.

SAL - Joanne Darby

Hi I'm Joanne and I work in the Stimulating Activities Learning (SAL) room most days, but also help out in other areas when needed. I have gained knowledge and experience through working at special needs and main stream schools. I have gained levels 1 and 2 in computer skills.

I have been working at Enable (Sheffield) for over 7 years and really enjoy working with people with learning disabilities as it's a very rewarding job role for me. I have passed my first aid, have disability awareness/special education (sen) awareness certificates and moving and handling. I really delight in helping out learners develop literacy and numeracy skills, and also bringing out their creative sides.

Arts and Crafts - Louise

My name is Louise. I started at Enable (Sheffield) as a volunteer at the beginning of 2014. I was volunteering for a couple of months just one day a week, when a full time position came available which of course I applied for. When I was offered the job I was totally overwhelmed and very excited. I really enjoy working at Enable as its very rewarding working with individuals with learning difficulties. I work in the arts and crafts classroom encouraging learners to meet targets and fulfill their creative ideas as well as ensuring a safe and adequate environment at all times. I enjoy working in my area as I have a different group of learners on a daily basis so this is an advantage to build a relationship with many learners. 

I am currently doing my NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care, this will be an advantage to further my career within my current job role. I’ve also passed my first aid and have my Level 1 in Catering and Hospitality.

SAL - Amy

My name is Amy and I am a full time support worker at Enable. I have been working at Enable since August 2014 and I have loved every second of it. Before my role at Enable I had worked in completely different fields of work such as retail and administration, I enjoyed interacting with people but did not find the jobs very rewarding. 

I have always had experience of learning disabilities and really enjoyed completing my work experience with school at Enable, this definitely made me realise what career I would like to pursue. I decided to volunteer one day a week and was ecstatic when I got offered a full time job as a support worker. I currently run the SAL department alongside Sam and really enjoy coming up with new and exciting projects with the learners. I am also currently working on completing my Level 3 diploma in health and social care, which will give me better qualifications, understanding and experience in my job role. Since starting this job I have not only have gained confidence in my ability but I have bigger ambition and goals. Enable is definitely where my heart is, and I enjoy every working day.

SAL - Sam

Hello my name is Sam. I only recently joined Enable full time after first experiencing the centre as a voluntary worker. 

I previously worked as an assistant manager in retail and then went on to work in schools. I have a Level 3 qualification in Supporting Teaching and Learning. I also have my first aid and health and hygiene certificated. 

As a volunteer I instantly fell in love with Enable and its learners, and was over the moon when I was offered a position. I work in the SAL with my colleague Amy, where we have structured learning but also an opportunity for learners to express their creativity. 

I think Enable is a fantastic centre for adults with disabilities; it is an opportunity for them to learn, be active and make friends. So far I am loving my new job and being part of the Enable team.